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School Leadership

Educational Leaders

David Henry, Director

David Henry is passionate about teaching students to learn how to learn through authentic, community-connected experiences. These types of service learning experiences coupled with caring, safe environments give teachers better opportunities to make connections and personalize learning for the whole person while encouraging educational risk taking.

ISK mirrors this philosophy in its approach to education by teachers and staff. Together, with students, they strive to create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges often through inquiry-based, student-led initiatives. At the same time, ISK maintains academic excellence in a diverse, inclusive environment.

David Henry became Director of ISK in July 2016. He has worked as an educator internationally in four different decades in places such as Niger, Uzbekistan, El Salvador, Mali, Saudi Arabia, and Chad. He began his career internationally as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in Burkina Faso. He has graduate degrees in both International Development Education and Educational Leadership and sees international schools as leading educational change, connecting learning to community development and service. His family is multicultural and they believe in the benefits of being able to raise their daughters in a multicultural setting like ISK, are tremendous.

His experiences have helped him confirm that school communities being able to work together doing the right work in a trusting atmosphere improves school-wide achievement. He believes that students, faculty, staff and community members need to celebrate their commonalities and be allowed to nourish their sense of individuality and ownership in their school. ISK, as a school, does just that as it inspires and nurtures passion, creativity, and ambition in pursuit of a better world. He is honored to be serving such a school and its community.

Patricia Salleh Matta, Elementary School Principal

Patricia Salleh MattaPatricia Salleh Matta became our Elementary School principal in 2006. She came into the role with over 30 years as an educator. Her experience spans elementary, middle and high schools, and she has worked in Ireland as well as various countries in both East and West Africa.

Ms. Salleh Matta began her career as a science teacher, where she received the “Hank Bertness Teacher of the Year Award.” This award recognized her outstanding service and commitment to international schools in Africa. Now her training includes counseling, curriculum development, science in education, teacher training and school administration. She educated both her sons internationally, and they all agree it provides a unique and valuable foundation for the future.

Craig Baker, Middle School Principal

Craig Baker joined ISK in 2012 as the Middle School principal. He has worked in the field of education for more than thirty years, including work as a teacher and administrator in elementary, middle, and high school. His most recent experience was as the elementary and middle school principal at Lincoln School in Kathmandu, Nepal. Mr. Baker has also worked internationally in Tanzania, Portugal, and Guatemala.

Much of Mr. Baker's background as a teacher has included working with special needs and ESOL students. Mr. Baker has worked as a consultant in this area in many schools around the world as well as in the state of Oregon in the United States.

Robert Blanchard, High School Principal

RBlanchardRobert Blanchard has been working as an educator in Kenya since 1994 and at The International School of Kenya since 2000. Rob is a United States K-12 certified Principal, though he is a high school specialist. He is an experienced English teacher and has a comprehensive understanding of the IB Diploma program. He holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Dr. Blanchard promotes open dialogue and reflective practice within the ISK community, and values strong relationships with students, faculty, parents, and support staff. He acknowledges the difference that a single teacher can make in the life of individual students. He has chaired the school’s professional development program for many years and is passionate about pushing himself and all ISK educators to always be looking for ways to improve teaching practices and the experiences of students.

Dr. Blanchard appreciates the kind of life-changing and empowering education that ISK provides for 14-19 year olds living in Nairobi. He aims to keep students at the forefront in every decision and create an environment where students place knowledge in context, develop communication skills, reflect on goals, identify patterns, and apply learning into ethical actions that occur outside the school walls.

Jodi Lake, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Jodi LakeJodi Lake, the Director of Teaching and Learning since 2007, brings a high level of experience and creativity to the ISK community. Thirty-three years ago, Ms. Lake began teaching grade 4 at a bilingual school in Mexico, then later taught grade 5 in Japan. Prior to coming to Kenya in 2007, she returned to Latin America where she taught grade 4 at an international school in Venezuela, later serving as their curriculum coordinator.

Ms. Lake is passionate about the learning process and believes that this is essential to student achievement. Collaborating with teachers, parents, students and staff is key to the dynamic ISK curriculum.

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