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Strategic Plan

The ISK Board of Directors has mapped out a strategic vision for the school in the form of a “rolling” Strategic Plan. This means that each year the plan is reviewed, and goals are refined or added to reflect the next five years. The Board works closely with the ISK Administration in this annual “visioning” process.

ISK’s Strategic Plan consists of broad, five-year goals that we call Key Result Areas (KRA’s). What we are trying to achieve within each KRA is defined by specific Objectives. Each objective has a very specific deadline ranging from one year to five years—to ensure accountability within the current five-year cycle. Using the revised KRA’s and Objectives, a variety of stakeholders then develop an action plan for each objective for the current year.

ISK Rolling 5-Year Strategic Plan 2016-2021

KRA 1: All students will achieve ISK’s Educational Aims

1.1 Curriculum Alignment & Assessment

By May 2018, full alignment of the curriculum with ISK Educational Aims will be in place with evidence of assessment data available for analysis the following year.

1.2 Capacity Building

By May 2018, a sustainable, professional growth model will be in place for all ISK staff that will support the implementation of the educational Aims.

KRA 2: ISK will provide sustainable resources to ensure exemplary educational experiences for all our students.

2.1 Growth and Appraisal

By August 2017, professional growth and appraisal tools will be in place to measure the effectiveness of all ISK staff

2.2 Technology Infrastructure

By May 2019, ISK will have sustainable technology infrastructure and strategies in place to fully support ISK Mission, Vision and Educational Aims.

2.3 Facilities Planning

By May 2020, the Facilities Master Plan will be aligned with the admission policy and the LTFP [Long Term Financial Plan] to accommodate diverse learning needs and ensure a safe, secure campus.

KRA 3: ISK will have strong and sustainable community relationships

3.1 Giving Programs

By May 2019, ISK will have explored and institutionalized additional revenue streams as appropriate beyond tuition and fees, to ensure financial sustainability.

3.2 Marketing for Enrollment

By May 2018, avenues to optimize enrollment through marketing strategies will have been investigated and implemented.

Link to the full Strategic Plan: Strategic KRA’s and Objectives (2016-2021)

(Sept. 13, 2016)

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