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Annual Fund

ISK Annual Fund 2015/2016

The ISK Annual Fund enhances our school programs and enriches our academic and social programs. It helps provide ISK students and students in some of our partner schools with meaningful programs and facilities that would otherwise not be affordable within the operating budget.

Contributions to the Annual Fund create an additional revenue stream that flows directly into these “extra” academic and co-curricular programs. These projects and programs are selected each year by the ISK faculty and administration. Annual targets are set to obtain the funding necessary to support the projects and programs that will make a difference in student learning.

The Annual Fund is an investment in ISK students today that will last them a lifetime.

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Why does ISK need additional funds?

The school operates in a financially prudent manner on a balanced budget. Tuition income covers the cost of current school programs and operating costs. It is not enough, however, to allow for "extras" that could directly benefit our students or the local community in the current school year. This additional revenue stream also helps ISK limit future tuition increases, particularly when we reach our enrollment capacity.

Is my donation tax deductible?

As a registered non-profit foundation in the USA, donations are tax deductible for US citizens. Citizens of other countries should consult their tax advisor to determine if your donation is tax deductible.

We need and appreciate your support. Click here: Make a Donation.


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