Health & Safety

The safety of students, staff, and parents is of paramount importance. ISK has clear policies and procedures to ensure that all members of our community, when on campus, are safe and secure.


ISK has qualified health professionals on site to handle the health issues affecting your child throughout the school year. Part of their responsibility is to ensure that each student has an up to date health form on file at all times. These health forms should be updated by each family's doctor every two years to help guarantee the safety of our students' health.

Click here to download the ISK Health Form


We employ a full time guard force that monitors the campus 24 hours a day. “Fire” and “Duck & Cover” drills are held quarterly to ensure all students and staff are prepared in case of emergency.

As needed, we are also in direct communication with local law enforcement through the Diplomatic Police Unit, our sponsoring agencies, and other diplomatic mission security services. In all circumstances, the safety of our students is the highest priority.

ID Badges

ID Badges are a requirement for all adults on the campus. Please visit the Security Office if you have questions regarding this security procedure. For guardians, nannies, drivers or others who need to be on campus to pick up your child or children, please see the following guidelines:

Guardians - Parents in the Elementary School who have a notarized guardianship form on file please bring a copy of that signed form when coming to the Advancement Office to have the guardian's photo taken. If parents request an ID for a family member, e.g. grandparent, sister, cousin, etc. who has a need to come on campus, please complete the necessary form which you can pick up at the Advancement Office.

Drivers - Drivers of students in the Middle School and High School are not expected to exit their vehicle and therefore do not need an ID badge. HS and MS students should meet their drivers in the parking lot. Limiting the number of people walking on campus unnecessarily makes ISK safer and more secure. Drivers who have been asked by parents to pick up Elementary School students should already have a form on file in the elementary school office. If not, please contact the ES office for details and to complete a form.

Nannies - Nannies or other domestic staff who walk on campus should already have a form on file with the Elementary School Office. If you feel there is a special need for your nanny to be on campus they will need to complete the form so the teachers and administrators know who is authorized to pick up our students. This is a crucial and necessary step to enhance security within our ISK Community. Thank you for your cooperation.