The Revamped Recycling Center

The Revamped Recycling Center
The Revamped Recycling Center
Article by Imani, SFE Pictures by Genevieve

Remember: refuse - reduce - reuse - recycle RESPONSIBLY!

A community-wide project to save our environment.

Since the establishment of the recycling centre, the entire ISK community has agreed that it has been beneficial to the community, and to the environment around us. Demand has increased. The SFE used a 1000 dollar grant from the PTO, as well as fundraising money, to buy new bins expand capacity.

On the 10th of April, students and teachers from the high, middle and elementary schools, representatives from the PTO, administration and operations came out to commemorate the opening of the revamped recycling center, which sported signs made by students from the elementary and middle school from 100% recycled materials.

The launch of the new recycling center really put the community's appreciation for it into perspective. Below are quotes we obtained from some of the people at the event.

Recycling is important because if you don't recycle things will get wasted. It also helps the animals.

-Elementary school students

Recycling is a very important priority and a very good initiative by the school

- Lucille Niessen and Mariann Szalkai, PTO representatives

Since the recycling center, the area has become a bit better, not just here but in the housing as well. The dump site has also improved.

- Michael Maina, ISK operations

However, despite school wide support for the recycling center, sometimes, people fail to properly utilize the recycling center; putting waste in the wrong bins, throwing organic waste in the recycling bins, or entirely failing to sort their rubbish. These actions may seem trivial, but they cost a lot of time and energy to rectify. Garbage and food waste can also spoil the recyclability of materials, nullifying the work that the SFE and ISK community is trying to do to conserve our environment. To get some idea of the scope of the problem, we talked to Douglas Burudi from operations and Tom Wallbridge, teacher sponsor of the SFE.

Sometimes people mix materials so you have to take time to separate them; it can take up to one and a half hours. And when the bin is full I have to remove almost everything to separate the materials that could have gotten to the bottom. If people separate the materials, maybe in separate baskets at home, it'll be easier for me and even for them.

- Douglas Burudi, operations

People have to think of the unhygienic conditions created when they dump organic waste in the recycling center and the people responsible for cleaning it up. People from operations have to sort out the rubbish and the women at the recycling site who sit there all day sorting through recycling shouldn't have to find rancid food waste among the recyclables.

-Tom Wallbridge

Our message to the ISK community is not only to recycle, but to do it right, with respect and consideration for the people who work to keep the recycling center clean and for the environment, which the recycling center is attempting to improve. Just one glass in the plastics bin can cause someone harm, and one banana peel among the cardboard waste can ruin someone's day. So as you bring your waste to the recycling center, please make sure you separate it correctly and only bring the appropriate waste to the recycling center.

Article by Imani, SFE

Pictures by Genevieve