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Work Experience Program

Explore Your Opportunities

As ISK continues to develop Experiential Learning programs for our students in order to inspire and nurture their passion, creativity and ambition in pursuit of a better world, we feel that our Work Experience program is one way that you may be able to help.

In the ISK Work Experience program, Grade 10 students explore and develop their passions and gain meaningful exposure to the workplace. In an effort to provide education and experiential learning beyond the four walls of the classroom which are aligned with our Mission, Vision, and Educational Aims, this program focuses on developing lifelong skills by helping students:

  1. Develop a sense of responsibility and ownership of learning.
  2. Discuss real-world problems in real-life settings.
  3. Develop a professional network.
  4. Experience practical hands-on knowledge transferable to the classroom and beyond.

Leading up to the work experience week, the students are involved in a range of activities in our Advisory Program to help them think further about possible careers, developing a personal profile including a resume, personal statement and future course choices based on possible future pathways.

Note: Work experience takes place in March because after, that they figure out which courses to select in IB