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Middle School Curriculum & Assessment

The Middle School Program offers students the opportunity to develop core skills as well as nurture connections with peers and develop a strong sense of self within an ever changing world. Our goal is for students to be inquirers, connection-makers, perspective-takers, creators, communicators, collaborators, and change agents.

The Middle School program offers a core program of math, humanities, science, modern language, and physical and health education (PHE). Students are also offered a variety of Creative Arts Exploratory courses each year which include drama, visual art and music. Additionally, we have a wide range of semester-long electives for students to choose from as seventh and eighth graders. These provide rich opportunities for students to find new passions and explore through project-based and service learning opportunities.


Assessment is the continuous process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting evidence so students and teachers can make informed decisions that enhance student learning. Assessment policy and practice is the cornerstone of a school’s approach to student achievement and success. At the center of ISK’s assessment practices is ‘Assessment FOR Learning.’ To that end, assessment at ISK takes two primary forms: formative assessments allow students and teachers to monitor children’s learning as they progress, and summative assessments allow students to demonstrate what they have learned. Regular feedback is an essential ingredient in the learning journey, and a thoughtful assessment and feedback approach are important and valuable in order to ensure that learning is taking place.

Formal information concerning student progress will occur three ways:

Learning Support

This class is designed to support content across subject areas and to fill instructional gaps through small-group interventions. Models, visual scaffolds, and game-based activities help students conceptualize their learning and practice processes. Students also benefit from pre-teaching and re-teaching of content introduced in core courses. Units of inquiry are designed for students to explore and own their learning. Through goal setting and reflection students identify learning environments and strategies which work best for them. Students are encouraged to advocate for what they need. We celebrate student growth and recognize success inside and outside of the classroom.

Explicit skill building and instruction in the following areas is offered to maximize student academic success: Literacy skills (reading and writing); Math (problem solving, critical/flexible and efficient thinking); Communication (social skills, self-advocacy and presentation skills); Learning habits (personal organization and time management); social-emotional wellbeing (growth mindset and mindfulness).

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