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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

At ISK, we celebrate all students’ diversity, and we want them to show their understanding and knowledge under conditions catered to their individual needs.

ISK offers a range of services to support each student to help them reach their potential of becoming future problem solvers.

ISK Inclusion, Philosophy, and Beliefs

ISK believes that all students have the right to an education that enables them to learn and socialize within a community that provides opportunities to: “Inspire and nurture passion, creativity, and ambition in pursuit of a better world”. We value the inclusion of all students including a variety of cultural, neurological, and biological differences as an integral part of the whole school development of social wellbeing and understanding. ISK is steadfast in ensuring that this vision is provided to all, and as such believes that it lives its Mission Statement through our inclusive practice of teaching students with diverse learning profiles.

  • We believe our students can and want to learn to their highest individual potential;
  • We believe our students learn in different ways;
  • We believe our students learn best when they are interested in and enjoy the learning experience;
  • We believe that embracing and supporting a diverse community of learners enriches the school community and positively impacts the future for all students;
  • We believe our community is stronger when siblings are together.

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Student Support Services for Students Include:


Admissions Process

Co-Curricular Program