Financial Assistance

ISK recognizes that families can occasionally find themselves in need of short-term financial assistance to cover school fees. To address this situation we have created the following financial assistance programs. One is directed at new families to ISK and the other is specifically for existing families. You are encouraged to explore these options should your personal finances make it a challenge to pay school fees. If you decide to apply, please complete the Financial Aid Application & Disclosure Form and return it to the Business Manager. (Please note that financial details disclosed on this form are treated confidentially and are seen only by the Business Manager and ISK’s Director.

Financial Aid Application & Disclosure Form (PDF)

New Families

ISK is aware that for some families, their first year’s financial obligations can be challenging, especially if they have multiple children enrolling at the same time. There are two ways ISK can provide assistance depending on the financial circumstances of the family.

#1 – Capital Levy two-year payment plan

The one-time capital levy for each student may be paid out over a two-year period with only a nominal service fee applied to the balance.

#2 – Capital Levy partial waiver

A partial waiver of the one-time Capital Levy may be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration a family’s financial circumstance. Families wishing to apply for this waiver, not to exceed 50% of the total fee, should complete the Financial Aid Application & Disclosure Form (PDF) and return it to Business Manager.

Existing Families

We are committed to our existing families and understand that short-term financial assistance to cover school fees is sometimes necessary. We created the Tuition Assistance Bursary program to assist existing families through these temporary difficulties.

Tuition Assistance Bursary Program

A limited number of one-year tuition assistance bursaries are available to students and their families at any grade level whose family demonstrates financial need. These bursaries range from $500 up to 20% of a family’s total tuition costs. Families who wish to apply for this bursary should complete the Financial Aid Application & Disclosure Form (PDF) and return it to Business Manager.

A pre-condition for receipt of this bursary is an on-going record of satisfactory student academic performance and conduct. It is intended to provide short-term financial assistance and is not automatically renewed each year. Families who re-apply will be considered in the context of that year’s resources and applications from other families.

Note: If you are interested in applying for any of these financial assistance programs, please contact the Business Manager. A nominal fee is applicable to all payment plans.