Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization is made up of volunteer parents whose main aim is to support staff in the many extra-curricular activities that take place during the school year. Our exciting programs and events are designed to enable you to get more involved in school activities, to provide support to the teachers and other staff who are involved in extra-curricular activities and to enhance your family's experience of school life.

The PTO is also entirely responsible for several major annual events including:

  • Major art exhibition, organized by Friends of the Arts, a PTO group
  • School picnic
  • Staff appreciation lunch
  • Bus tours and visits to specific places in Nairobi
  • Welcome teas for new parents
  • Taste of Nations on International Day
  • Costume Party
  • Holiday Bazaar

The PTO Shop is an important part of our connection to the broader community. It is stocked with many craft items made by community self-help groups, and has a range of stationery for students, as well as products made by parents.

Through the shop and other activities, we usually raise enough money each year to provide small grants to community groups who need financial help. These groups are those that the school has built up a relationship with through the Community Service Programme as well as groups connected to us through the shop and our members.

The success of the PTO depends on volunteer parents and their active involvement. Parents can be as involved as they would like to be. We meet regularly, once a month in a friendly atmosphere that gives everyone the chance to meet friends and get to know one another.

If you join the ISK Community, please contribute your time, knowledge and ideas to the PTO!

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