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Investing in Students’ Futures

Outstanding students deserve exceptional opportunities, but that isn’t always the case. At ISK, we appreciate the extraordinary efforts of these learners, and that’s why we have a scholarship program dedicated to Kenyan youth.

For more information regarding scholarships at ISK, please email:

An ISK Scholarship:

  • Gives students an outstanding international education in a culturally diverse environment;
  • Nurtures students’ creativity and passions;
  • Gives scholarship students a sense of inclusion and belonging among students from around the world;
  • Opens doors to the world’s best universities;
  • Gives students confidence and independence in how they act, communicate, create, learn, and solve problems;
  • Inspires and nurtures extraordinary learners to create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges;
  • Allows students to become exceptional members of society and eventually give back to the community.

 Scholarship Applications for the 2024-25 school year are now closed. 

Please note that applications for the 2025-26 school year will resume in October.

Learn more about our Scholarship Program below!


How it Works

The ISK Scholarship targets low to middle income Kenyan students who would otherwise be unable to afford our tuition and fees. We pay for 100% of their costs in High School, including the IB Diploma program, school fees, admission fees, and bus fees. As long as students maintain good academic performance and behavior, we will invest in their creative, personal and academic development.

Applications are screened by a scholarship committee and awarded to the recipients by April of each year. Financial need is assessed upon completion of a Finance Disclosure form including relevant supporting documentation.

The value of respect for each other and for Kenya is evident at ISK, as is a commitment to giving back to the community. Our scholarship program for Kenyan students, together with a broad and dedicated service-learning program which serves our local and national community, have shaped our school values since inception and continues today.

High School Scholarships for Kenyan citizens are based on merit and proven financial need. The Scholarship is catered to students entering Grade 9 or Grade 10. 



Hear from our Scholarship Receipients


Each Scholarship student has a different story to tell, but one thing they agree on is the opportunities that opened up to them once they qualified for the ISK Scholarship.

Saone's Story

Nathan's Story

Stella's Story

Ruby & Leti's Story

The Beacon Scholarship

The Beacon Scholarship is a Changemaker programme that offers access for financially disadvantaged students to top tier secondary schools in their home country, and undergraduate programmes of study at world class universities in the UK. The programme includes leadership training and development, a strong Mentoring structure, and a goal-setting performance management system.

Kindly note that the Beacon Scholarship is an independent scholarship program and is different from the ISK Scholarship.

College Counseling

Academic, Social, and Personal Counseling