Special Fees

International Baccalaureate

Students taking International Baccalaureate (IB) courses are responsible for all examination fees, related DHL costs, and a Kenya National Examination Council fee. Costs range from US$ 350 for a student taking one IB examination to as much as US$ 1,200 for a full IB diploma student in their senior year. Upon completion of the registration process in September, fees for each individual student are communicated by the IB organization to ISK. Parents are billed in October. Payment is due to ISK in November. There are additional charges for late registrations or any changes made after the final registration deadline. Please contact ISK’s IB Coordinator for further information.

Supplementary Language Instructional Fee

ISK offers a range of language courses within the regular curriculum at no additional charges. However, periodically additional native languages are offered to one or two students through the support of various national communities. The cost of instruction in these additional languages is not covered as part of ISK tuition and is passed along to parents by the respective language committee.

Selected Intercultural Trips

For those Inter-Cultural trips where students fly to the destination, the parent will be expected to pay US$ 125 per child towards the cost of the airfare.