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Beyond Education


At the International School of Kenya (ISK), education goes beyond learning, nurturing each student to reach and surpass their potential. Our world-class international school is renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence, exceptional care, and boundless opportunities. We cultivate a passion for academic rigor and personal exploration. 

Beyond Education is inspired by our commitment to nurture critical thinkers, collaborators, changemakers, communicators, and self managers who will successfully navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Unlock Endless Possibilities

At ISK, learning is inspired by ambition, curiosity, passion, and creativity. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional education, we equip each student in our school with the tools to help them thrive in an ever-changing world.

Academic Excellence: We are an international school in Kenya that empowers students to thrive due to a challenging, supportive, and joyful learning environment.

Confidence to Lead: We empower our students to become confident changemakers and leaders.

Well-rounded Individuals: We nurture well-rounded, socially conscious individuals ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of the real world.


Parent Testimonial- Ann Marie Awori

We are excited to have Ms. Anne Marie Awori, ISK’s Board Chair and proud parent for 8 years, share how our school's unique educational approach has shaped her children into remarkable individuals. Join us in celebrating the transformative impact of a holistic education at ISK! BeyondEducation

ISK Student Voices

Hear directly from ISK students across our school divisions about their appreciation for our educational methodology that goes #BeyondEducation. Beyond the conventional, ISK's approach ignites a love for learning that transcends traditional boundaries.

Parent Testimonial- Erin Gerba

Join us in welcoming Ms. Erin Gerba, ISK's Board of Directors Vice Chair and a proud ISK parent for 5 years, as she shares her journey of how ISK's innovative educational approach has empowered her children to excel beyond the predictable.

Embracing Active Listening, Mutual Respect, and Teamwork—The ISK Collaborator

We are excited to share a glimpse into our collaborative spirit at the International School of Kenya! Watch how we champion active listening, mutual respect, and teamwork to achieve our educational aims.

Stories from the Campus

Get an insider's perspective into the life, culture, and achievements at the International School of Kenya.

ISK’s 2024 Work Experience Week

As ISK continues to develop Experiential Learning programs for our students in order to inspire and nurture their passion, creativity, and ambition in pursuit of a better world, the annual Grade 10 Work Experience Program is one way that our students are exploring their passions10 Work Experience Program is one way that our students are exploring their passions #BeyondTheClassroom.

Read More about ISK’s 2024 Work Experience Week

ISK Parent Testimonials

Mark D.

My 2021 graduate’s experience at ISK in the IB Diploma Program has absolutely prepared him well to enter a top ten university and to be a well rounded, global citizen. ISK brought out the best in him academically, in his extracurricular activities within the community and at school, and socially. While maintaining a happy and fun demeanor, he has become a mature, responsible, and determined young man.

Michelle R.

ISK has an amazing campus, excellent facilities, like library, art centre, sport fields, swimming pool, labs! This is one of the most comfortable schools we have been to, being expats in 4 other schools in other countries. Everything is there for children to be happy. The school staff is very friendly, from kitchen staff to Directors. Counselors are also good and helpful, especially High School. PTO is a good opportunity for parents to be involved in school life, it has many activities throughout the year. ISK is a wonderful school. 

Mary B.

ISK has been a welcoming, nurturing and a safe space for my children. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been associated with ISK.

Sara P.

The support, pastoral care, personal attention to the children, overall sense of kindness, space for kids to be themselves, amazingly positive teachers - truly the best school so far in our educational journey around the world.

Camille N.

ISK takes care of individuals and gives attention and needs accordingly. It is a very well organized school and the teachers are highly qualified. Strong and dedicated principles. 

Sehr C.

At ISK with its broad curriculum, my child has found her passion and voice. She has become more confident at speaking her mind and trying new things. ISK offers many varied subjects that allow a child to try things they never have before (or may do at other schools). It broadened my child's outlook and made her think outside the box.

Sally M.

ISK has been by far and beyond the best school experience we have had for our children. We have witnessed extreme improvement in our kids' learning. we are also very satisfied with the support and attention they are given by each and every member of the faculty. This is definitely a top level education establishment.

Mike J.

I feel incredibly satisfied with the education my son received at ISK. The IB Program competitively positions students for acceptance at top universities. The teachers are highly qualified, caring, and come to know the students very well. Feedback sessions praised my son’s achievements but also identified weaknesses with specific advice about how to address them. The graduation experience was a celebration of all the hard work put in by IB candidates. The school went above and beyond to create a series of memorable and joyous events marking the occasion. I am so proud my son will always be an ISK Lion!

Robert S.

Our kids loved ISK. It is a welcoming, tolerant and encouraging environment with strong values and great administration. They got a world class education and learned important life skills. The academics were rigorous but child centered and we really appreciated the zero tolerance on bullying. Also the leadership learning opportunities were great for one of our kids and the sports programme was fantastic. We will miss ISK, thank you so much!

Anjali S.

ISK goes beyond academic preparation. It includes a true search for individual abilities and fostering differences as a strength and self pride. Thanks ISK for promoting our children’s curiosity and wellbeing.