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Family Languages Program 

Family Languages at ISK

Connect with your Culture

Every child’s first language plays a crucial role in their life. It connects them to their culture, makes it easy for them to learn other languages, accelerates their cognitive development, and is a source of pride.

ISK’s Family Languages Program is tailored to students who are fluent in a language other than English. The Family Languages Program is open to all ISK students. 

Classes are available at a cost according to the size of the group and are taught by native speakers holding a teaching certification or numerous years of experience teaching the language. 

Why should you enroll your child in the Family Languages program?

  • To build confidence, pride and a positive attitude towards their language.
  • To enhance their social, cultural and personal identity.
  • To provide a range of languages that students can study further from Grade 1 to 12.
  • To increase parent-child interaction as the parent can help with homework.
  • To enhance their critical thinking and literacy skills.
  • To develop an academic knowledge of their first language.