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Co-Curricular in High School


During the school year, High School students will follow the ISK CASL program to initiate and reflect upon sustainable community projects that are mutually beneficial. These projects cultivate both personal and community growth, while building recognition of human interdependence.

All High School students are required to participate in all three strands of CASL throughout the year. 

  • At least one sustainable service project, and
  • At least one activity experience, and
  • At least one creative experience, and
  • Self evaluation and reflection for each experience undertaken

A few examples of the programs that comprise our extensive HS Co Curricular program:


As part of the co-curricular program, ISK offers a comprehensive interscholastic athletic program to high school students. High school sports teams typically play or practice four or five days per week during ten-week seasons. Students are required to attend all practice sessions in order to represent ISK in matches or games.

Study/Games Clubs

  • Chess
  • Academic Student Help
  • Dungeons and Dragons

Drama, Visual Arts and Music

  • Jazz Combo
  • Photography
  • Elements / Visual Arts Magazine

HS Co-Curricular in Action

HS Co-Curricular