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Co-Curricular in Middle School


Over the course of the year, students will be required to complete the below activities. These activities should happen outside of the curricular classes and students' own ideas for activities outside school are also strongly supported.

ISK is a Round Square School and we encourage students to get involved in athletics, activities, service learning, the arts and leadership.


Over the year, students should aim to complete the following:

  1. Create - At least one creative activity. 

  2. Act - At least one action activity (this includes athletics).

  3. Serve - At least one sustainable service project.

  4. Learn - A reflection for each activity undertaken (this is supported in our advisory program)

Students can meet this requirement through involvement in our school programs. Alternatively, students can participate in activities outside of school, such as piano lessons, horseback riding, family service opportunities, etc. Our overall message is to get out and try something new!

ISK offers a wide range of co-curricular and athletics opportunities to support students in meeting the CASL requirements. These include opportunities such as Chess Club, Book Clubs, Zero Waste Club, Gizmos Gadgets & Goop, Guitar Club, Drama Productions, and more!

Students are strongly encouraged to be involved in at least one leadership opportunity that is aligned with our Round Square Ideals.

This can include attending one of the 2 Leadership Seminars, being a Student Ambassador, attending one of the monthly Leadership Round Table sessions, being a part of Earth Day or Peace Day planning committees, being on the Social Planning Committee, or helping to plan and implement Proud to Be Me Day or a House Captain position.

Service Learning is an approach to teaching and learning that addresses authentic need through active engagement in our local and global communities.

ISK Service Philosophy

Service Learning:

  • Is linked to the curriculum
  • Involves positive and meaningful action
  • Engages student voice and choice
  • Considers the sustainability of programs and partnerships
  • Creates opportunities for participants to be enriched by diverse perspectives
  • Nurtures social responsibility and global citizenship
  • Is mutually beneficial to participants
  • Inspires reflection

Students have opportunities to engage in service learning in their academic and electives classes, through some of our co-curricular offerings, or can also engage in service projects with their family outside of school.