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Child Protection

The International School of Kenya, in keeping with the ISK core values and vision statement, has a Child Protection Board Policy and an extensive Child Protection Manual to guide staff, volunteers, students, and families in matters related to the safety and care of children attending our school.

We believe that children have a fundamental right to be safe at ISK and that, the educators, parents and caregivers, must act in the best interest of your child and our students. The ISK Child Protection Policy and associated guidelines are based on the belief that all children should be protected from any form of abuse and neglect.

ISK Child Protection Board Policy (3.8)

The International School of Kenya is committed to child protection and the safeguarding and wellbeing of ISK students. ISK maintains an ethos of transparency to ensure students feel safe and secure. ISK expects all stakeholders to share this commitment and responsibility to protect children. ISK shall have a proactive plan for training all stakeholders and making the ISK community aware of various aspects of child protection. In response to suspected harm or abuse, the school shall take all reasonable, responsible and legal steps to protect the child and act as his/her advocate. ISK’s procedures for protecting and ensuring the safety of children shall be documented and followed consistently as per the safeguarding and child protection handbook. This policy is linked with ISK’s anti-bullying, online safety, and health and safety guidelines. ISK safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures also apply to after school programs and off-campus school activities.

Adopted November 2012; Revised February 2018, February 2021

Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect

Child abuse is any action by another person, adult or child, that causes significant harm to a child or creates a substantial risk of harm, be it physical, emotional, or sexual. Neglect is a failure to provide for a child’s basic needs, lack of love, care or attention and can be as damaging to a child as abuse.

An abused child will often experience more than one type of abuse, as well as other difficulties in their lives. It often happens over a period of time, rather than being a one-off event. The signs of child abuse aren’t always obvious, and a child might not tell anyone what is happening to them. Sometimes children don’t understand that what is happening is abuse.

Background Checks and Education

All staff and volunteers must produce a certificate of good conduct and/or police clearance and are subject to background character checks during the hiring process. All staff are trained annually on child protection guidelines and reporting procedures. Child protection and procedures are also included in parent teas. Part of the curricular program includes developmentally appropriate lessons related to child protection for students. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that they are informed, updated on ISK’s Child Protection Policy and guidelines.


All staff employed or volunteering at ISK must report suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect whenever the individual has reasonable cause to believe that a child has suffered, or is at significant risk of suffering abuse or neglect. Reporting and follow-up of all suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect will proceed in accordance with administrative procedures flowing from the Board Policy.

Upon receipt of a suspected abuse or neglect case a series of detailed sequential steps occur. Once the ISK staff member has reported, their duty of care regarding this is then in the hands of the division leadership and the particular counsellor. A crisis management team is formed to follow up on the investigation reporting to the head of school and leading to closure.