Food Services

ISK Students' Canteen

The canteen strives to use mainly local ingredients, which retain the most nutrients due to short distances traveled. All food is prepared daily on the premises using fresh ingredients hence ensuring quality.

There are two main serving stations for lunch with one catering to the Elementary School and the other the Middle School, High School, parents and staff. We also have the sandwich bar, salad bar, the high school snack canteen as well as a coffee shop with an in-house barista.

Sign-up FORM.

Menus & Hours


Hot Lunch menu for this week HERE

Coffee and drinks menu HERE

Early Bird Breakfast Joint menu HERE

Snacks menu HERE


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

The main cafeteria starts serving lunch from 11.00 am-2.00 pm for Middle School, High School, staff and parents.

The Elementary serving area starts at 11.50am in the order below;

11.50 am - 12.15 pm: PK,KG, Grade 1 and 2 -Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

11.50 am - 12.25 pm: Grade 3, 4 and 5 - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The sandwich bar, the high school canteen,the Early Bird Breakfast Joint and coffee shop function throughout the day starting from 7.00 am till 3.30 pm.

Wednesday (early release)

The cafeteria serves lunch starting at the following times on the early release day;

11.00am - 11:34 am– MS

11:55 am - 12:20 pm -HS

11:45 am - 12:05 pm.– G3,G4,G5

11:45am -12:45pm.– Pre-K KG,G1,G2

Payment Options


The card system is basically a prepaid debit card for Middle School and High School students. Each individual Photo ID card has a unique bar code used to access the prepaid account when swiped and is used to pay for hot lunches as well as snacks. Staff as well as parents can also sign up for the program.

The process is very easy;

1.) Pay for the entire semester hot lunch fees, or whichever amount you would like to start with at the cashier’s office located at the business office near the parking area.Payment options available here.

2.) Bring your Photo ID card to the customer service office as well as the receipt for programming and loading of the money.

3.) You can now swipe your card for lunch or snacks and top up when the money runs out!


You can sign up your child for the hot lunch program by filling in this FORM and sending back to the customer service office whose details are at the end of this page. Payments can be made in USD or Kenyan shillings in cash at the cashier's office or cheque and Mpesa pay bill.The menu is reviewed every week and posted on this page. Dessert is inclusive of hot lunch.

Here are the mode of payments;

  1. Mpesa : Paybill: 880100, A/C: 6486800016
  2. Cheque: To ISK
  3. USD A/C: 6486800021, KSH A/C : 6486800016

To commercial Bank of Africa- Upper Hill Branch.

N/B: Send Mpesa confirmation code to


  • For students who bring their own lunch, microwaves are provided in the cafeteria to heat food. The microwaves are situated at MS and HS areas.We therefore highly encourage ES parents to pack non-reheatable food e.g. sandwiches or use thermos-like containers that don't require re-heating.
  • Water is freely provided with dispensers strategically placed within the eating areas.The only requirement is a water bottle from the student.
  • For students who bring their own lunch, please check the lunch box when it returns home and look for any school eating utensils (forks, spoons) and return to the canteen the next day.
  • Coffee is sold to students above Grade 9 only as well as staff and parents.
  • Parents are welcome to use the ISK cafeteria and seating areas.
  • All the meat served is HALAL.
  • We maintain a nut-free policy on all foods offered.
  • Important canteen RULES AND REGULATIONS are listed HERE.

For any inquiries or suggestions please contact the customer service office on the below details;

Angelina Ndung'u

Food Services


Office line: 0733 639 343