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School & Community Services

At ISK, our mission involves the pursuit of a better world. One way we do that is through Community Services. These services cater to each student’s unique needs--whether it’s learning, dietary or otherwise--and help to foster responsibility in our community.

Lunch Program

A healthy body makes a healthy mind. The ISK Lunch Program caters to students of all dietary requirements, with food that strengthens bodies and minds while promoting healthy eating habits.

Our foods are all nut-free and HALAL, with vegan and non-vegan options.

In addition to the cafeteria, ISK has large open-air rooftop spaces that have proven to be invaluable for lunch rotations.

Transportation Program

ISK has a fleet of buses to transport your child to and from school in a safe, secure and timely manner. We provide transport for all school children who live within a reasonable distance from the school (not more than an hour’s drive). We also offer school buses for students who take part in field trips and after-school activities.

All ISK buses are fully insured with the maximum insurance policy, and our bus drivers and monitors ensure that each the highest safety and driving standards are maintained.

Recycling Program

At ISK, recycling is something the whole community does. We have a recycling center, and keep the neighbouring environment clean through recycling initiatives like Plastiki Rafiki. Plastiki Rafiki is a student-led club that cleans up the local environment and empowers local communities by supporting them to develop unique recycled plastic products. 

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The ISK Library is the school’s intellectual hub, with books and resources to help both students and parents. We are pleased to have Remote Resource Borrowing: an online tool to help students, parents and faculty members to borrow books and other resources. We invite parents and students to each borrow up to 10 resources at a time.