Summer Camp 2018

ISK Future Stars Summer Camp 2018

This is the 11th year of Future Stars Summer Camps at ISK.

Future Stars camps are designed to build confidence and improve fundamentals through creative games and collaborative challenges. Our camps are a fantastic place to learn, create, solve and engage in fun activities.

Each camp offers a variety of activities designed to keep campers engaged and active, balancing competition with inclusive activities that build sportsmanship, develop friendships and make lasting memories.

Every camp offers excellent instruction led by our knowledgeable

coaches, teachers and enthusiastic high school camp counselors.

A minimum of 12 students are required for an activity to run.

Camp Details

To register online: Click Here

Once you have registered online, please make payment to the ISK cashier in the business office to ensure your child’s place is booked.


Week 1 June 11th – 15th 2018 (9:00am – 1:00pm)

Week 2 June 18th – 22nd 2018 (9:00am – 1:00pm)


Our camps are open to elementary, middle and high school students, ages 5 to 16 years. All camp activities are age appropriate and participants will be divided into skill level groups.


One week costs KSH 9000 Monday – Friday.

Two weeks cost KSH 18,000 Monday – Friday.


If you have any questions regarding ISK Future Stars Summer Camp, please contact Mr. Edward Otieno on

Activity Descriptions

Kids Drama Club

Students will develop new skills in performance, acting and public speaking. They will have the opportunities to work collaboratively and express themselves confidently. At the end of week, the drama club will put on a performance to showcase their acting skills to family and friends.

Play Group and Art

This is a fun-filled week of games, art and creativity. Campers will engage with projects, cooperative challenges and fun group games. Every camper will learn something new and enjoy activities at Future Stars Play Group and Art. This camp is suitable for lower elementary students (Pre K to Grade 2).

Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball and Tennis (for elementary students)

Campers will go through a daily routine of warm ups, skill stations,

mini-games and contests. Every camper will learn new fundamentals in a supportive environment that not only focuses on developing their passion for sports but also comradeship through engaging in collaborative activities. Everyone comes out a winner at Future Stars Sports Camps.


Express yourself through dance. Be aware of your space and learn through feelings behind movement. In this camp, students will learn modern dance performed to different styles of music. Dancers will be innovative, step into character and act in a performance for family and friends at the end of the week.

Gymnastics and Circus

In this camp, students will enjoy the physical aspects of gymnastics. Developing strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and body control through the use of functional movement will be a big focus at camp. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in expressive circus activities. A creative performance awaits family and friends at the end of the week.

ES Scientist

Intriguing science experiments lay in wait in the ES lab. This is a fascinating camp that promotes the development of young scientists and engineers. Students will be innovative by engaging in hands on activities, solving problems and discovering why things behave and work the way they do.

Ceramics / Pottery

This is an arts medium camp that will kindle sensory and motor growth in students. The clay will be twisted, pinched and twisted as students lay their wet hands on it to come up with beautiful artifacts. I am sure you will love the creative finished products your child will bring home.

Nature Camp (PreK – Grade 3)

The nature camp is a learning program that will engage students in outdoor exploration, discovery and conservation. Students work collaboratively and learn about the natural world around them. Activities will be fun filled and aimed at raising awareness about the environment and the immediate ISK ecology.

Poetry (Grades 1 – 5)

In this camp, students will learn how to write and recite poetry. They will be imaginative and express their ideas through meaning, sound and rhythm. Poems will be varied, composing themes from around the world. This activity is designed to build composure and confidence among the students and also improve on their public speaking. Performances for family and friends will be held at the end of the week.

Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis (for middle and high school students).

There has been a lot of interest from MS and HS students wanting to join summer sports camps. We are excited that these can now take place. MS and HS camps will be geared towards improving physical and tactical performance in the chosen sport. Campers will work on important fundamentals through drills that will help accelerate their game play.

ISK Future Stars

Summer Camp Director

Edward Otieno