Summer Camp 2019

ISK Future Stars Summer Camp 2019

This is the 12th year of Future Stars Summer Camps at ISK.

Future Stars camps are designed to build confidence and improve fundamentals through creative games and collaborative challenges. Our camps are a fantastic place to learn, create, solve and engage in fun activities.

Each camp offers a variety of activities designed to keep campers engaged and active, balancing competition with inclusive activities that build sportsmanship, develop friendships and make lasting memories.

Every camp offers excellent instruction led by our knowledgeable coaches, teachers and enthusiastic high school camp counselors.


  • Week 1 June 10th – 14th 2019 (9:00am – 1:00pm)
  • Week 2 June 17th – 21st 2019 (9:00am – 1:00pm)


  • One week costs KSH 10,500 Monday – Friday.
  • Two weeks cost KSH 21,000 Monday – Friday.

Camp Details

To register online: Click Here

Once you have registered online, please make payment to the ISK cashier in the business office to ensure your child’s place is booked. The account is Summer Camp.

Payment deadline

A minimum of 12 students are required for an activity to run. In order for this to work efficiently, payment deadline is set for Friday May 17th, 2019.


Our camps are open to elementary and middle school students, ages 4 to 14 years. All camp activities are age appropriate and participants will be divided into skill level groups.


If you have any questions regarding ISK Future Stars Summer Camp, please contact Mr. Edward Otieno on

Activity Descriptions

Camp Descriptions

Camps will only run if a minimum of 12 students are signed up.

All sports camps

Campers will go through a daily routine of warm-ups, skill stations, mini-games and contests. Every camper will learn new fundamentals in a supportive environment that not only focuses on developing their passion for sports but also comradeship through engaging in collaborative activities. Everyone comes out a winner at Future Stars Sports Camps.

Art and Creativity

Campers will engage in fun activities that will invoke imagination, thought and feeling. Campers will work on improving fine motor skills. There will be painting, junk modeling and use of small pieces of materials to make mosaic pictures. Campers will bring life to their work.

Basic stitching

Campers will explore different motifs, stitch and create colorful designs. Campers will learn five basic stitches and then build their way up to more intermediate stitches. A hand’s on activity that encourages active participation.


Campers will explore a variety of Kenyan beads ranging from glass beads, clay beads, paper beads and many more. Most Kenyan beads have a history behind them. Campers will learn how beads have evolved over time and engage in making beaded artifacts.

Ceramics and Pottery

Campers will work with clay and the potter’s wheel. Their wet hands will twist and pinch clay turning them into beautiful artifacts. The revolution of the potter’s wheel on campers’ hands will kindle sensory feelings as they become creative with the clay. Campers will have opportunities to add color to their finished clay pieces.


Campers will express themselves through dance. They will be taught how to be aware of their space and learn through feelings behind movement. Campers will learn modern dance performed to different styles of music. Campers will step into character and put on a performance for family and friends at the end of the week.

Design Squad Global - Elementary

Campers will engage in a range of hands-on activities that demonstrate a connection to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Campers will work in teams to build structures and complete challenges using different building materials which include Lego, Smartmax Magnet discovery, wacky factory, and other contraptions. Campers will also have a chance to use recycled material to complete their challenges.

Design and Technology: Maker Space – Middle School

Campers will work in a collaborative space using a variety of tools to create prototypes array of electronics, coding, robotics and 3D modeling. Campers will explore this small scale Fab Lab as they work through their projects.

DIY Nature Club and Gardening

The nature camp is a learning program that will engage students in outdoor exploration, discovery, and conservation. Students work collaboratively and learn about the natural world around them. Activities will be fun-filled and aimed at raising awareness about the environment and the immediate ISK ecology.

ES Scientist ( Two labs available, maximum 32 students)

This is a fascinating camp that promotes the development of young scientists and engineers. Students will be innovative by engaging in hands-on activities, solving problems and discovering why things behave and work the way they do.

Gymnastics and Circus

In this camp, students will enjoy the physical aspects of gymnastics. Developing strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and body control through the use of functional movement will be a big focus at camp. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in expressive circus activities. A creative performance awaits family and friends at the end of the week.

Jambo Kenya

In appreciation and wanting to learn more about our host nation Kenya, campers will have an opportunity to explore cultures of Kenyan tribes through fun-filled activities such as cultural dances and storytelling. Opportunities to learn basic Swahili abounds in this camp.

Kenyan Games

What games do local Kenyan children play? Why do they play these games? What is the history behind these local Kenyan games?

Campers will learn and participate in a variety of games like kati, bladder, shake, prikicho and many other interesting Kenyan games. Campers will be exposed to teamwork activities and they master these games. They will also learn some Kenyan folk tales alongside play.

Paper Mach’e

Campers will work with water, glue, and pulp to construct their own sculptures from recycled newspapers and other objects. A messy yet fun activity for campers as they build their social, creative and sensory skills. After construction, students will use paper maché and paint to complete their sculptures.

Play Group and Art ( PK to Grade 3 only)

This is a fun-filled week of games, art, and creativity. Campers will engage with projects, cooperative challenges, and fun group games. Every camper will learn something new and enjoy activities at Future Stars Play Group and Art. This camp is suitable for lower elementary students (Pre K to Grade 2).

Tie and Dye

Campers will have an opportunity to mix colours and see the outcome. Campers will use these colours to create unique patterns and images using tie and dye crafts. A walk around the ISK campus will allow campers to experiment with flowers and leaves that can be used in creating dyeing materials.

Roller Hockey, Skating and Chess

Campers will be taught the fundamentals of roller hockey and skating. Campers will be divided into skill level groups and progress through activities that will challenge their sense of balance and teamwork. An opportunity to play chess abounds during breaks. Equipment will be provided.

Ultimate Ball Challenge

Campers will engage in different ball activities that include Foursquare, Pickleball, Dodge Ball, Monster Ball, and Bowling. Students will work on their catching and throwing skills and explore different ways of working in a team.

ISK Future Stars

Summer Camp Director

Edward Otieno

2019 Camps

Camps will only run if a minimum of 12 students are signed up.

Click here for camp descriptions.

ActivityElementary SchoolMiddle School
1Art and creativity
4Basic Stitching
6Ceramics and Pottery
8Design Squad Global (STEM)
9Design and Technology Maker Space
10DIY Nature Club and Gardening
11ES Scientist (Two Labs maximum 32)
13Gymnastics and Circus
14Jambo Kenya. Explore Kenyan Culture
15Kenyan Games
17Paper Mach’e
18Play Group (PK to Grade 3 only)
20Tie and Dye
21Touch Rugby
22Roller Hockey, Skating and Chess
23Ultimate Ball Challenge