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ISK COVID-19 Updates

ISK is committed to keeping our learning community informed. The health and well-being of our students, faculty/staff, and community is a top concern. In addition, the school continues to review and update our processes and practices at school relating to cleaning and hand washing as guided by our Pandemic Response Protocol. 

ISK’s administration and faculty have developed virtual learning plans to support student learning throughout extended absence from school, including those in self-quarantine, and during campus closure. We remain confident the measures, plans, and protocols that we have in place are ready for implementation if needed. Please note that ISK is currently closed for the long break.

We ask that everyone take an active role in helping keep our shared school environment as healthy as possible. Please take note of the symptoms of the Coronavirus as well as how to stop the spread of germs that cause disease. We want to reiterate the following points and recommend reviewing the CDC website or the WHO website (situation reports) for more information.