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Is ISK the Right Fit for You?

We hope so!

At the International School of Kenya, we believe in empowering students to create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. If you believe in our values and are looking for an international school to support and challenge you, please view our vacancies.

Why Join ISK?


Nationalities Represented in our Faculty


Faculty with Masters & Doctorate Degrees


Average tenure of an ISK Teacher

What Makes ISK a Great Place to Work? 

At ISK, our commitment to the school's mission sets the stage for an extraordinary workplace experience. Our faculty and staff are passionately dedicated to inspiring and nurturing the potential for passion, creativity, and ambition, all in pursuit of creating a better world.In our vibrant community, we prioritize the success of every student, ensuring they achieve their academic, social, and co-curricular goals. Recognizing the unique qualities of each student, our staff goes the extra mile to create an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all. Every day, our team brings a dynamic blend of passion, creativity, and ambition to their work, making ISK an exceptional place to thrive. Join our diverse workforce, where teachers and staff from around the globe collaborate seamlessly, creating an enriching environment for professional and personal growth. Experience the excitement of working at ISK, where excellence knows no bounds!

everyones voice matters

What is it like to be an educator at ISK?

Thank you for your interest in ISK*.

Please note that we only review applications through ISS, Search and GRC.

We prefer candidates who are registered with Search & ISS. Please email to to share your interest and what platform we can see your file.

  • Due to the volume of applications, only successful candidates will be contacted.

*Kindly note that this applies to Full-Time Leadership & Administration and Teaching & Learning Positions.