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Inspired Shopping Campaign

In 2017, ISK partnered with The Village Market through a campaign entitled "Inspired Shopping". The Inspired Shopping campaign gives consumers an opportunity to donate their Bonus Card points to the Inspiration Initiative.These proceeds will help support ISK's various Student-led Community Outreach Initiatives!

What is a Bonus Card and How does it work?

The Village Market Bonus Card rewards Village Market shoppers with exclusive offers, discounts, privileges and thrilling events that are reserved for their most loyal shoppers. How does ISK fit into this equation? If consumers donate their points to ISK’s Student-led Community Outreach Initiatives, The Village Market will match those points by 50%!

It’s easy to join:

  1. Fill out a registration form at any of the Bonus Card Centres at Village Market
  2. Show your ID/Passport for verification
  3. Receive your bonus card instantly
  4. Shop at all the wonderful stores/eat your favorite restaurants at Village Market
  5. Bring your Bonus Card and receipts (valid for three months from the date of transaction) to The Bonus Card desk for your account to be credited. Every Ksh. 500/= spent earns you a total of 9 points
  6. Confirm with the Bonus Card Centre that you would like to donate your points to ISK’s Community Outreach Initiatives and Village Market will match your points by 50%

Now you have more of a reason to go shopping at Village Market - the more you shop, the more our Student - led Community Outreach Initiatives benefit - the true definition of “Inspired Shopping”!