Academic Program

Learning @ ISK

Learning is a personal and social experience; it is the ongoing development and demonstration of what we understand, what we can do and who we are.

The ISK curriculum is built around the idea that students are continuously constructing meaning - whether that be in the classroom, on the sports field, in a creative performance or working in the community.

The academic program is student-centered and the learning program at ISK is designed to allow students to:

        • develop their own passions
        • make connections between subjects and experiences
        • provide authentic learning experiences and contexts
        • develop key skills and competencies

Divisional Overviews and Curriculum

Elementary School Overview

Middle School Overview

High School Overview

Curriculum OnLine

How Do We Know Our Students Are Successful?

We measure success at ISK by the extent to which our students achieve against our curricular standards and the extent to which we make our Educational Aims a reality for each student. Key indicators which ensure that we continue to provide an outstanding educational environment for all students include:

  • Internal achievement on course assessments and common assessments
  • Comparison of external academic testing results with other international schools
  • Accreditation reports from the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and Council of International Schools and Middle States Association (CIS/MSA)
  • Lists of higher education colleges and universities across the world to which ISK students are awarded
  • Sustained involvement in the five key areas of CASL (Creativity, Culture, Action, Service and Leadership)
  • Regular feedback via opinion surveys and collaborative meetings with all stakeholders, including students, parents and alumni