Learning @ ISK: Assessment

Assessment is the continuous process of gathering, analysing and interpreting evidence so students and teachers can make informed decisions that enhance student learning.

Regular feedback dramatically improves learning. At ISK students and parents receive feedback in many ways:

Formative feedback - the results of student work that is done along the way in a unit of learning. Teachers provide regular, on-going feedback to students about their progress.

Self-Assessment - students are regularly asked to reflect on their own progress. This allows students to take ownership for their own learning.

Parent/Teacher/Student conferences - Conferences are held midway through each semester. Teachers, students and parents have an opportunity to look at and discuss student work.

    Semester reports- reports are sent home at the end of each semester. Reports include;

    • Achievement grades in each subject. These grade indicate where a student is along the learning journey at the end of the semester. They are not an average of all the work done.
    • Habits of Learning grades (Engagement, Collaboration, Personal Responsibility)
    • Narrative reports describing the student's learning as well as their disposition towards learning

    Web-based access - Student progress can be accessed through the Power School portal. Click here to access the Power School Web Portal.

    Grading Scales

    Habits of Learning Achievement Grades
    Elementary School E = Exceeds the standard 4 = Exceeds the standard

    M = Meets the standard 3 = Meets the standard

    A = Approaching the standard 2 = Approaching the standard

    B = Below standard 1 = Below standard

    ES HOL Rubric ES Grade Descriptions

    Middle/High School E = Exceeds the standard 7 = Exemplary Achievement

    M = Meets the standard 6 = Excellent Achievement

    A = Approaching the standard 5 = Good Achievement

    B = Below standard 4 = Satisfactory Achievement

    MS/HS HOL Rubric 3 = Insufficient Achievement

    2 = Limited Achievement

    1 = Minimal Achievement

    MS/HS Grade Description