Creativity is interpreted broadly to include a wide range of activities that involve creative thinking. Creativity provides students with the opportunity to explore their own sense of original thinking and expression.

Activity is focused on getting involved in physical exertion that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The aim of Activity is to promote lifelong healthy habits related to physical well-being.

Service requires students to understand their capacity to make a meaningful contribution to their community and society. Through Service, students develop and apply personal and social skills in real-life situations involving decision-making, problem solving, initiative, responsibility, and accountability for their actions.

Learning/ Leadership involves the useful application of what you have learned into real life. You research real community needs, then plan and respond by taking action. Throughout the process, reflection on what you have experienced helps you understand new learning.

Middle School CASL Handbook

High School CASL Handbook Grade 9 - Grade 12 (non IB)

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