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Creativity, Activity, Service

The CAS program which is an essential part of the IB program provides the student with the opportunity to learn and develop by taking part in new, challenging and enjoyable experiences. The belief at the heart of the CAS program is that education does not begin or end in the classroom or exam hall and the most essential elements of education may exist outside of both.

ISK provides many opportunities for CAS and students will be fully supported by our advisors and the CAS Co ordinator. Students are also encouraged to take part in activities outside of school and activities they initiate themselves in order to help them to create a program that is a personal challenge and most relevant to them.

To successfully complete CAS, students need to maintain a balance of Creativity, Activity and Service activities over the two years. Students should be involved in at least one project involving teamwork that integrates two or more of creativity, service and activities. These three aspects of CAS may be completed as several separate activities, as larger projects that combine all of the components, or a mixture of the two.