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InterCultural Trips

Program Philosophy

The Inter-Cultural Trips provide experiences that deliberately require students to challenge themselves, reinforcing ISK's Aims through inter-disciplinary learning and character development, including personal responsibility, in an African context.

Program Overview

The experiences that are planned for each trip will deliberately focus on specific skills, knowledge and dispositions from ISK’s Aims, and will challenge students by drawing them out of their comfortable daily routines. The intention is that students, over a number of years, will explore and develop different aspects of themselves, through a range of real-world experiences away from campus for an extended period of time.

Such experiences will fall into three broad categories, each of which focuses on a combination of elements within the Aims:

  • Service and leadership
  • Adventure and personal challenge
  • Creative enquiry and design application

A specific trip may combine two or more of these categories but will have one of them as its primary focus.