The ISK Counseling Department offers comprehensive programs that promote student achievement and well being. The divisional programs are comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature.

The ISK Counseling Program is a collaborative effort between the school counselors, parents and other educators to create an environment that promotes student achievement. Staff and school counselors value and respond to the diversity and individual differences in our school community. Our counselors provide both direct and indirect services to students.

Elementary School Counseling

ISK’s two elementary school counselors are available to both students and families to assist with any type of personal, social or academic difficulty. The counselors work closely with classroom teachers to implement a comprehensive counseling and guidance program built around the values of respect, responsibility, creative problem solving; friendship, social and emotion management.

Classroom guidance lessons are provided throughout the year to explore topics like tolerance, friendship, and problem solving, and a social and emotional curriculum is provided which focuses on emotion management, empathy and conflict resolution.

The Counselors work with classroom and the Student Support Services teachers to facilitate and coordinate appropriate interventions for students having difficulties. They meet with Individual students to talk about concerns they may have, and also meet with groups to develop social skills and deal with friendship and relational skills.

Middle School Counseling

The middle school counselor provides support in the domains of social, emotional, personal, developmental and academic needs of the students. The services offered are individual or group counseling, classroom lessons, and at times may refer a student to an outside agency.

The counselor consults with parents to support students. The counselor is a liaison with teachers when it comes to student concerns and in finding appropriate interventions to assist students in achieving success.

The counselor may observe students in the classroom to help in determining classroom interventions and attends Student Support Team meetings to support students’ learning success. The counselor works to schedule all students in appropriate classes to maximise their learning.

High School Counseling

Two counselors provide academic, personal, social, college and career counseling support to all high school students. They offer individual, small and large group counseling support sessions covering a variety of areas including course selection, career development, transitions, social emotional support, substance abuse, and conflict resolution.

College Counseling: the counselors provide a wide range of support to students and their families through the post-secondary planning and application process to ensure a successful transition to college and university. This includes advising on career path selection, researching university options, assisting students with personal statement writing, and hosting university information evenings for students and parents.

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