Creative Arts

The ISK Arts Centre is a beautiful, custom-built facility that opened in May of 2000. The centre houses classroom and performance spaces for music, art, drama and dance. At its epicenter is a Greek-style, open-air amphitheater for threatre-in-the-round, and a professionally-equipped main auditorium used for performances, assemblies, community theatre and other events.

At ISK, there is a strong emphasis given to the importance of the arts and their integration in the school community. Students take part in both elective and required classes and can choose from an array of after-school co-curricular activities and community service projects involving the arts.

Creative Arts Philosophy

The creative arts give all people of the world the opportunity to pursue and find meaning in their lives, intellectually and emotionally, through artistic forms of expression. Each discipline in the arts — whether visual, aural, kinesthetic or aesthetic —provides its own unique approach to thinking, problem solving, creativity, conceptualization, and habits of mind. As interrelated languages, the arts produce alternative forms of communication and their literacies.

The arts connect cultures, societies, and generations. They provide a deeper knowledge of self and one’s relationship to community, enhancing an aesthetic awareness of our environment and our place in it.

Competencies in the arts are essential education for every learner, being at the core of a lifelong journey of creativity and innovation. We believe that regular and consistent instruction in all of the arts is necessary for core learning throughout one’s educational experience in the arts. A path of lifelong learning as cultural producers and participants in the arts enrich both personal and social existence, furnishing lifelong avenues of self-expression, enjoyment, emotional exploration, sensitivity to diversity, and culture.