Creative Arts

The ISK Arts Centre is a beautiful, custom-built facility that opened in May of 2000. The centre houses classroom and performance spaces for music, art, drama and dance. At its epicenter is a Greek-style, open-air amphitheater for theater-in-the-round, and a professionally-equipped main auditorium used for performances, assemblies, community theatre and other events.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts teachers at ISK actively and carefully organize learning experiences for students to enable them to reach their imaginative and creative potential. Teachers guide learners to successfully achieve required competencies in visual literacy. In Express visual ideas with confidence and competence doing so,students are empowered to become autonomous, informed and skilled visual art participants, cultural producers, and artists. The arts enable students to:

  • Explore and value the diversity of the arts across time, place and cultures
  • Develop visual literacy practicing perceptual, sensorimotor, and analytical skills
  • Become informed, reflective and critical practitioners in the arts
  • Understand the dynamic and changing nature of the arts
  • Enjoy lifelong participation and engagement with the arts
  • Create artwork that is influenced by personal and cultural contexts
  • Become critical observers and producers of visual culture and media
  • Develop skills, techniques and multimedia processes in order to communicate concepts and ideas.

The Visual Arts department offers exploratory, discipline-based and in-depth classes in a variety of 2-D, 3-D, and digital arts media. Artists and exhibitions are an integral part of the program emphasizing personal expression, cultural appreciation, craftsmanship, and visual literacy.

Visual Arts Programs

Elementary School Art

The Elementary School Art program focuses on four areas: art history and artists, art elements and principles, art production, art criticism and assessment. Disciplines include drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, printmaking, collage, crafts, design and mixed media. We strive to develop an appreciation of multicultural arts and an understanding of our Kenyan, African and International cultural heritage.

Middle School Art

The Middle School Art program seeks to inspire the creation of art in a variety of media, developing observational and creative abilities, and constructing meaning through encounters with art from diverse historical and cultural contexts.

Students explore the significance and value of art in one’s everyday life and contemporary communities of practice locally and globally. Exploratory classes introduce the design cycle, visual language development, and give an overview of career paths in art as cultural producers, participants and supporters.

Middle School Artists at Work

High School Art

The High School Art program includes Art 1, Art 2, Computer Art and IB Visual Arts at Standard and Higher levels. A wide range of two- and three-dimensional media is used, including technology/Emerging Media.

Students are encouraged to develop an individual voice informed by artistic precedent and contemporary issues. All HS art classes develop a workbook that informs and reflects their studio work. The Artist-in-Residence program gives students the opportunity to work with local artists, learn new techniques and the importance of creativity in our host culture.


Music education at ISK is more than an adjunct to the elementary classroom or a middle school/high school activity; it is a vital and curricular part of the school and accessible to all students. Performance is an important part of the discipline of music and will be incorporated into every music class at ISK.

Recognizing that performance is paramount in the study of music, it is also important to enhance the qualities of music literacy and appreciation of music so that our goal is to create a well-rounded, thoughtful and independent music maker. Music courses should be more than experiential and offer students instruction in how to create, recreate, and appreciate musical expression.

The Music Department at ISK offers a comprehensive program from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. Over 220 students are involved in high school and middle school music program in instrumental or choral groups.

Individual Music Instruction

The Music Department at ISK is pleased to support a strong program of individual music instruction. Privately-contracted music specialists from the professional community in Nairobi.

Students who take private lessons are encouraged to demonstrate their developing skills in any of several ways:offer their services both before and after school every day of the school week.

Lessons are currently being offered in the following areas: Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, all Brass, Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, & Voice.

All the teachers recommended by ISK are qualified to teach both music theory and practice within their instrumental specialization.
  1. Register for practical and/or theory exams through the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM).
  2. Perform for the school community in events such as the picnics, club-organized activities, sports games, fund-raising events, and end-of-term concerts.
  3. Perform in the semi-annual "Tea-Time Recital." This event is organized specifically for students taking private lessons. It occurs once per semester.

The standard fee charged by the teachers is 1600/= per half hour of instruction. Scheduling and payments should be arranged directly with the individual teachers. All questions or concerns about the program should be addressed to Mrs. Rachel Aondo.

Private Music Lessons at ISK

Click here to view list of Private Music Lesson Tutor list.


The Drama program offers an exciting, in-depth and innovative experience of the world of performance for both our middle school and high school students. Students are consistently exposed to African and World Theatre through an on-going program of play visits, festivals, workshops and performances.