Elementary School

The ISK elementary schools provides a warm, caring and engaging environment for our youngest students. Our program serves pre-kindergarten through grade 5 i.e. children ages 4-10. We encourage parents to form engaged partnerships in their child’s learning experience.


A curriculum of math, science, social studies and language arts, modern language, art, music, library and physical education is offered to all students. Technology is integrated in all aspects of the curriculum. It supports and enriches the program and engages the students in meaningful learning.

Students have many opportunities to showcase their learning through student-led conferences, performances, presentations, assemblies and exhibitions throughout the year.

Through our Educational Aims we encourage children to be effective communicators, creative thinkers, problem solvers, collaborative team players and global citizens who will act appropriately to make a positive difference in the world.

Our Peer Helper Program and PRIDE student government organization offer the children opportunities to lead and help each other through active community involvement.

Local field trips and overnight intercultural trips further enhance each student’s skill concept development through exposure to some aspect of Kenyan culture.

The ISK elementary school is vibrant place focused on developing students’ natural curiosity and creativity while facilitating their academic, physical and social/emotional development.

All curricular and co-curricular programs in the elementary school aim to fulfill the ISK mission, vision and educational Aims. In order to prepare the students for a rapidly changing world, we believe that they should not only be literate and numerate in a multitude of subjects and fields but develop a real passion for such pursuits.

The ES academic program is built around four core areas: language arts, mathematics, social studies inquiry and science inquiry. In addtion subjects such as art, PE, music, modern languages (Spanish and French and Kiswahili in grades 1-3), technology, and library offer students the opportunities to develop skills and interests within the broader the curriculum. Kiswahili is also taught within the context of the Kenya units of inquiry.

More information about the ISK Elementary School can be found in the School Profile.

Elementary School Profile.

ES Program Features

Curriculum/ Curriculum Guides

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Language Arts

The Language Arts program challenges students to read, write, listen, and speak effectively in order to communicate with others. There is a strong literacy connection that is embedded in all areas of the curriculum. Direct reading instruction is based on each student's reading level; in addition, shared reading and large group reading activities form the basis of the reading program. Writing units are genre-based in order for students to develop a range of writing skills.


The ISK mathematics program requires students to persevere and reason as they engage in rich, authentic tasks where they must make sense of and apply mathematical concepts. Each grade level has 3-4 critical areas that are addressed in multiple ways over the course of the year as students build fluency, confidence and perseverance in solving mathematical problems.

Units of Inquiry in Science and Social Studies

Units in Social Studies and Science are designed to engage students’ natural curiosity. Teachers begin by laying a foundation of knowledge, and then students’ own interests and curiosity help guide the learning. Many units integrate both social studies and science concepts as well as library skills, art, music and technology. Units of inquiry in both Social Studies and Science foster students’ ability to create their own learning and solutions. All units are centered around an “enduring understanding” or “big idea.”

Assessment in the ES

How do we know students are learning? We believe that asessment is the continuous process of gathering, analysing and interpreting evidence so students and teachers can make informed decisions that enhance student learning. Click here for more information about ISK's assessment policy and grading practices.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services in the elementary school support students' emotional, social and academic well-being.

  • The Elementary Learning Support Program provides multi-tiered, scaffolded instruction to students with different learning needs. There a
  • English Language Learners (ELL) for students who are not yet peer competitive in the English language
  • Two guidance counselors work with students, parents and teachers to ensure that students are healthy, happy and safe.

Co-Curricular Program

The ES Co-Curricular program features quarterly sessions of after school activities centered around creativity, culture, leadership and action(sport). The elementary school also features a growing service learning program. The aim of this program is to develop students who are confident and competent in contributing to and learning from their community.

Additional Features of the ES Program

An extensive and comprehensive Student Support Services department which caters to the needs of :

English Language Learners (ELL) for students who are not yet peer competitive in the English language

Learning Support- for students who need additional and/or extended learning opportunities.

Guidance & Counseling: The 2 ES counselors work with teachers, students and parents to address academic, social and behavioral needs of the students. The counselor works with individuals, small groups and entire classes.

Intercultural Trips- Each grade level has a unit focusing on Kenya. Both the Intercultural Trips (overnight for Grades 3,4 and 5) and Field Trips (day or part of a day only for Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2) are linked to this part of the curriculum.

Handbooks and Parent Guides

More information about the ISK Elementary School can be found in the 2019/20 Handbook

ES Handbook 2019/20

School Supplies

ISK supplies students with necessary academic material. Parents are requested to provide general school supplies for each student at the beginning of the school year.

The Supplies List may be downloaded Here and printed.