All curricular and co-curricular programs in the high school aim to fulfill the ISK mission,vision and educational AIMS.In order to prepare high school students for a rapidly changing world, we offer a course of study that will build on the foundation they acquired in their elementary and middle school years as well as prepare them to address life's challenges and to become responsible citizens.

We recognize that students have different needs and learning styles and teachers work to ensure that the delivery of the academic and non-academic programs allow each student to be successful.

HS Program Features

Academic Program

The high school academic program features wide-ranging course options that support scholarship and learning towards identified standards while providing scope for personal choice in pursuit of individual passions and areas of interests. The overall program is a challenging one, designed to prepare students to meet the requirements of and excel in diverse university systems around the world.

All high school students in grades 9-12 are working towards the completion of a four-year ISK high school diploma; many students also choose to pursue a second qualification in grades 11-12 through the school's International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program.

Grade 9 students acquire the academic and social skills essential to success in high school, following a common course of study in some key academic disciplines such as English and Science. In areas such as Mathematics and Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Kiswahili), students are placed according to exact level of skill and competency development instead of by age-grouping. Grade 9 students are also expected to develop in the areas of wellness and creativity through courses such as integrated health & physical education as well art, drama, and music.

Grade 10 students also follow a common course of study in some key disciplinary areas, while there is increasing scope to pursue individual areas of interest through a rich selection of elective course. Elective options are available through particular subject disciplines, or through interdisciplinary study. A particular emphasis is placed on experiential learning and preparation for the IB program in grade 10.

By grades 11 and 12, students are growing increasingly self-aware around their strengths and aspirations, benefiting from guidance through a structured university planning and advisement process. Many students at ISK (about two-thirds) undertake the two-year full International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which then becomes the backbone of their final two years of secondary education. Other students choose to enroll in a combination of individual IB courses and regular high school courses, depending on factors such future college and career plans, goals for high school, levels of readiness, and areas of academic interest. Some students may choose to pursue an independent study or online course, upon application, as part of their overall high school program, opening the door for learning in courses outside ISK's established curriculum and course options.

Access to each subject areas' philosophy, standards and benchmarks is available here.


How do we know students are learning? We believe that asessment is the continuous process of gathering, analysing and interpreting evidence so students and teachers can make informed decisions that enhance student learning. Click here for more information about ISK's assessment policy and grading practices.

Student Support Services

ISK strives to meet the needs of all its students. There is a wide range of curriculum support services established to achieve this. For more information on these service, refer to these sites.

Advisory Program

All students in the HS are assigned to small groups, led by high school teachers. Advisory periods take place weekly and are used to update students on school expectations and current issues, extended essay planning and preparation, CASL progress and activities, and academic support.

Intercultural Trips

The purpose of the Inter-Cultural Trips is to enhance student achievement of ISK.’s Educational Aims and Habits of Learning in an African context. The week-long Inter-Cultural Trips provide experiences that deliberately reinforce both inter-disciplinary learning and character development including personal responsibility that are uniquely possible by leaving the campus for an extended period of time. Such experiences may fall into three broad categories, each of which focuses on a combination of elements within the Aims:

  • Service and leadership
  • Adventure and personal challenge
  • Creative enquiry and design applications

The experiences that are planned for each trip will deliberately focus on specific skills, knowledge and dispositions from ISK’s Aims, and will challenge students by drawing them out of their comfortable dialy routine. The intention is that students, over a number of years, will be able to explore and learn in a variety of areas, through a range of real-world experiences away from campus.

Co-Curricular Program

The co-curricular program is essential to student development as it provides a structure for experiences that reinforce the curriculum and extend student learning.

CAS stands for Creativity, Action and Service and is an essential part of the IB Diploma. The CAS program provides the student with the opportunity to learn and develop by taking part in new, challenging and enjoyable experiences. To successfully complete CAS students need to maintain a balance of Creativity, Action and Service activities over the two years. Students should be involved in at least one project involving teamwork that integrates two or more of creativity, service and action. These three aspects of CAS may be completed as several separate activities, as larger projects that combine all of the components, or a mixture of the two. Our service learning program is central to our school's mission and philosophy, and is a key component in our Educational AIMS.

More information about the ISK High School can be found in the Handbook, School Profile and Course Guides.

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