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The ISK library is an active and welcoming space, designed for 21st century learning and used by the entire ISK community. Located at the heart of the school, it contains spaces for dynamic group learning as well as for independent study. Its collection contains over 25,000 books, multiple online resources and 75 magazine subscriptions, providing students with a wide selection of materials for both academic and recreational reading. Wireless internet access is available throughout.

The library aims to help students develop their abilities to be independent, creative, responsible and effective users of ideas and information in order to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, multicultural world and pursue their passions. Its mission includes developing our students as lifelong readers, by providing a wide range of appropriate materials for all reading abilities and age levels, through a variety of mediums.

Although housed under one roof, the library has separate collections and spaces for Elementary and Secondary (Middle and High School) students, with a specialist librarian assigned to each.

Library staff are available to assist students and to support activities related to reading and writing, such as book groups, author visits, writing competitions and reading challenges.

More About the Library