Middle School

Our middle school is filled with a highly diverse group of enthusiastic and energetic learners. ISK students in grades six through eight (ages 11-14) are continuously discovering new things about the world around us and themselves. ISK offers a broad range of programs and support to this age group: academic, creative, social, and physical & emotional wellness. A day in the middle school is perhaps one of the most interesting experiences on the ISK campus. Classrooms and activities are filled with questions and curiosity.


All curricular and co-curricular programs in the middle school aim to fulfill the ISK Mission, Vision and Educational Aims. In order to prepare middle school students for a rapidly changing world, we provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to take responsibility for their lives, to address life's challenges, to become responsible citizens and to be creators of knowledge.

We recognize that students have different needs and learning styles and teachers work to ensure that the delivery of the academic and non-academic programs allow each student to be successful.

More information about the ISK Middle School can be found in the School Profile and Handbook.

Middle School Profile

Middle School Handbook

MS Program Features

MS Overview

The 4 R's of the ISK Middle School:

The ISK middle school offers a rigorous program appropriate for the age and development of middle level learners with exposure to a variety of academic, physical and creative activities. Our standards-based curriculum is concept-based and designed to foster innovation, critical thinking, and curiosity. We strive to support the emotional and physical growth of our students through our advisory program, health education, and a variety of co-curricular activities. Within our rigorous program, we embrace flexibility to meet the unique personal and academic needs of diverse learners to provide an inclusive and fun learning environment that fosters a passion for learning.

Relevance is at the heart of our middle school. Our program provides students with multiple opportunities to make connections across the curriculum and with their lives. The ISK Middle School curriculum is dynamic, based on the needs of 21st century learners, and incorporates best practices in education. There are also numerous opportunities for students to make

Our middle school is a safe and nurturing environment with an ethos of caring and compassion. Relationships are of primary importance to middle level learners, as peers begin to have a much bigger influence than parents and teachers. We recognize this critical part of adolescent development and have structures in place to support positive peer relationships. Our middle school is organized into grade level teams where individual student needs and concerns are brought to the table, and plans are created to address those needs. Our advisory program also provides our students with an adult advocate, guide, and mentor. connections beyond the walls of ISK, through our various Inter-Cultural Trips and service learning programs.

Developing both personal and social responsibility is at the foundation of our middle school program. Our middle school program supports the development of students’ time management and organizational skills. All students participate in service learning projects in the Nairobi area throughout the year, an area where students develop a sense of social responsibility.

We provide multiple opportunities for parents to become involved in ISK as education is a shared responsibility among home, school, and community.

MS Academic Program

Middle School includes grades 6, 7, and 8 and students range in age from 11 to 13 years. The academic schedule follows a block system; all classes meet three times per week.

The MS academic program is built around the following academic areas:

*Humanities (Integrated English and Social Studies)

* Modern Language (Spanish/French/Kiswahili)

* Science* Mathematics

The following required subjects offer students the opportunities to develop skills and interests within the broader curriculum.

* Art* Drama
* Music* PE (With Integrated Health)
All 6th graders rotate through four exploratory classes:
* African Drumming* Drama

* Art* Kenyan Studies

7th and 8th graders can choose from a variety of electives such as:
* Movel * Game Design
* Photojournalism

* How to train your robot

* Green Space

* Yearbook


How do we know students are learning? We believe that asessment is the continuous process of gathering, analysing and interpreting evidence so students and teachers can make informed decisions that enhance student learning. Click here for more information about ISK's assessment policy and grading practices.

Student Support Services

ISK strives to meet the needs of all its students. There is a wide range of curriculum support services established to achieve this. For more information on these service, refer to these sites.

Inter-Cultural Trips

All students participate in the intercultural trips. The Inter-Cultural Trips provide experiences that deliberately reinforce both inter-disciplinary learning and
character development including personal responsibility that are uniquely possible by leaving the campus for an extended period of time. Such experiences may fall into three broad categories, each of which focuses on a combination of elements within the Aims:

  • Service and leadership
  • Adventure and personal challenge
  • Creative inquiry and design application

The Intercultural Trips are closely linked to the curriculum at each grade level and not only extend the learning that takes place in the classroom, but provide lifelong memories.

Grade LevelLocationCurriculum Focus

Ol Pejeta

Conservation Education, Service Learning and Outdoor Adventure

7Ngare Ndare Forest

Environmental Education, Service, Adventure and Culture & Community

8The Mara
Me to We Foundation and Maasai Culture

Advisory Program

Each student is assigned to an advisory group. The teacher/advisor meets with the students several times each week. The advisor's role is to give guidance to the students as well as act as a student advocate if academic or social issues arise.

Co-Curricular Program

The Co-curricular program is essential to student development as it provides a structure for experiences that reinforce the curriculum and extend student learning.


The ISK middle school is dedicated to meeting the unique physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs of students as they transition from childhood to adolescence. Through a system that fosters rigor, relevance, relationships, and shared responsibility, our middle school strives to meet the ISK Vision, Mission, and Educational Aims in developmentally appropriate ways.

ISK supplies students with necessary textbooks, workbooks and other materials directly related to their courses. These must be returned in good condition at the end of the year. Students are required to provide general school supplies. They can bring some from home and purchase others locally.

Grades 6, 7, 8 –School Supplies

All students will be provided with a Supply Bag during the first week of school. It will contain:

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8




Subject Dividers


Sheet Protectors




Subject Dividers (for binders)





Ruled paper

Teachers will also have supplies in their classrooms for students, such as glue sticks, binders, paper, notebooks, homework planners, etc.

Additional Items to be purchased by Students:

Modern Language:

  • Earphones/headphones
  • French/English pocket dictionary
  • Spanish/English Pocket Dictionary
Physical Education:
  • PE Uniform available for purchase at ISK (Kshs. 2000.00)
  • Running shoes or Multi-sport shoes (''SKATE SHOES'' are not acceptable)
  • Swimsuit and Towel (Girls may only wear a one-piece – no two-piece suits are allowed)
  • Goggles-recommended but not required
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Proper Training shoes

Grade 7:

  • Geometry Kit (including compass & ruler)
  • (2) Post-it Notes - square (76mm x 76mm)