School Supplies

ISK supplies students with necessary textbooks, workbooks and other materials directly related to their courses. These must be returned in good condition at the end of the year. Students are required to provide general school supplies. They can bring some from home and purchase others locally.

ISK will provide the following:

Binder – 2 or 3-ring

• Subject dividers for binder

• Plastic sheet protectors

• Loose-leaf graph paper or grid paper

• Loose-leaf, lined A4 paper (2 packs)

• Spiral bound notebooks

• Pencils

• Colored pencils

• Pens (red, black &blue)

• Highlighters

• Post-it tabs

• Erasers

• Glue stick

• Pencil sharpener and scissors

• Ruler

• Flash drive (256 MB or 512 MB)

Additional Items -depending on courses being taken (To be purchased by students):


  • Scientific Calculator for everyday use


  • A4 plastic, closable pocket/portfolio (6th grade only)
  • Laptop (optional)


  • Plastic Document wallet


  • 1 Plastic document wallet
  • 3 plastic covers A4
  • French/English pocket dictionary


  • Spanish/English Pocket Dictionary

Physical Education:

  • PE Uniform available for purchase at ISK (Kshs. 2000.00)
  • Running shoes or Multi-sport shoes (''SKATE SHOES'' are not acceptable)
  • Swim suit and Towel (Girls may only wear a one-piece – no two-piece suits are allowed)
  • Snorkel and mask (Gr.7 only for their intercultural Trip)
  • Goggles-recommended but not required
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Proper Training shoes