Professional Learning

The purpose of ISK’s Professional Learning Program is to support our community of learners as they design and participate in a variety of professional growth activities that support student learning.


We believe an exemplary school is a dynamic learning environment for all its educators and students. We further believe that good teaching makes the difference in student learning and that the best teachers continually strive to grow in their teaching practice through the process of reflection and collaboration with their colleagues.


Professional Learning
refers to activities that improve or enhance our teaching practice and/or knowledge of the subject matter and students we teach. The outcome of the activities may be the acquisition of new skills or the development of new insights into our profession or subject matter. The ultimate goal should be a positive impact on our effectiveness as teachers.

Professional Learning

ISK offers many professional learning opportunities on our campus facilitated by our own faculty as well as by outside consultants. In addition, faculty have the opportunity to attend workshops and conferences outside of the country.

Top priority for planning and funding professional learning is given to school-wide goals and/or team initiatives that will have a direct, measurable impact on student learning. There are multiple mechanisms to support professional growth.

Professional Learning Opportunities

IMPACT Wednesdays

IMPACT (ISK Meetings for Professional Action, Collaboration and Training) Wednesdays are an opportunity for ISK teachers to collaborate within various professional learning groups to grow professionally and to collaborate together to enhance our planning, teaching and assessment of student learning. Students are dismissed at 1:25 pm and IMPACT sessions begin at 2:00 pm and end at 3:30 pm. This time also provides consistent opportunities for students to engage in regular, meaningful community service projects.


  • Improve student learning
  • Focus on student work
  • Enhance instructional practices
  • Increase professional conversations between ISK faculty members
  • Effectively implement school improvement initiatives through collaboration

On-Site Consultants

The Teaching and Learning Center organizes for a wide variety of expert professional learning consultants to work with teachers and assistants at ISK. These events are planned in line with ISK's Mission, Vision, Educational Aims and the current strategic plan. Recent examples of such offerings include

  • Sensory Integration
  • Differentiation with Carol Ann Tomlinson
  • Mathematics with Erma Anderson
  • Science with Paul Andersen
  • Leadership Training with Chris Jansen and Kevin Bartlett

Professional Learning Institutes and Conferences

ISK is a hub in East Africa for professional learning and we offer different institutes over the course of the year and schools from around the world. ISK partners with AISA (Association for International Schools in Africa) in planning the institutes. Recent examples of institutes and conferences include:

  • Sensory Integration
  • Re-Envisioning World Languages
  • Next Frontiers Inclusion
  • Identifying, Engaging and Challenging Highly Capable Learners

Professional Learning Funds

All teachers are eligible for to apply for personal professional learning funds, which may be used to support teachers’ professional growth as it relates to school-wide goals and activities. This money may be used for conferences, workshops, the purchase of professional subscriptions or literature, research, coursework, or a variety of other activities such as travel to and from such activities.

For teachers at ISK: Access the on-line professional development system from inside ISK by clicking this link: PD System

Within the system you may:

  • See your current PD balance
  • See a list of your PD activities
  • Request approval to use PD funds
  • See a list of current PD opportunities