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Beginning the Year as Learners

As we finish quarter one of the school year, it is a wonderful time to reflect on how we are growing our culture of learning at ISK. This month, I would like to shine a spotlight on our faculty and staff. Since the first week of August, we have been learning together during our Wednesday early release IMPACT sessions. This year, we are focused on connecting all of our professional learning opportunities to our three strategic focus areas and seven shared values:

  1. We will continually focus on improving teaching and learning.

  2. We will integrate a comprehensive approach to wellbeing throughout the school.

  3. We will define and fully implement our approach to inclusion.

With these guiding documents and principles as our guide, we have been able to learn together and move towards actionable results with our students. Some of the sessions that have sparked our thinking are as follows.

August Teacher Workshops:

  • Supporting Passions Through Inquiry (SFA One)

  • Deep Dive Into Design Thinking (SFA One)

  • Pedagogy of Responsiveness (SFA One)

  • Seeing STEAM Through a Project-Based Learning Lens (SFA One)

  • Growth Through Restitution (SFA Two)

  • Social-Emotional Learning For Adults (SFA Two)

  • Deepening Relationships Through Restorative Practices (SFA Two)

  • Putting Student Thinking at the Center of Teaching and Learning (SFA Three)

  • Looking at Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace (SFA Three)

  • All Voices Heard (SFA Three)

  • Inclusion and Safe Spaces for Students (SFA Three)

September Teacher Workshops:

  • Launching the Professional Learning Journey Process (SFA 1-3)

  • Understanding the Power of Growth Through Mastermind Groups (SFA 1-3)

  • Inquiring Into Professional Learning Goals (SFA 1-3)

  • Using Digital Portfolios To Increase Collaboration (SFA 1-3)

  • Recruiting Through the Eyes of a Recruiter (SFA Three)

  • Let’s Talk Mathematical Practices (SFA One)

  • Where Does Personal Wellbeing Live in Your Day, Week, and Month? (SFA Two)

  • What Is Gender? (SFA 2-3)

  • Restorative Practices for Educators (SFA 1-3)

As we move into October, we will continue to learn together, build community and trust, while examining our pedagogy, practices, and beliefs. Creating a robust culture of learning for everyone at ISK is our goal and focus!

Greg James

Director of Teaching & Learning