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From ISK's Health & Wellbeing Coordinator

#starttheconversation #keepitgoing #WearItPurple

 Wear it Purple Day (recognized on August 27th) in Australia is about showing LGBTQ+ young people that they have the right to be proud of who they are. It is about creating safe spaces.

This year’s theme is “Start the conversation… keep it going” focused on the important and necessary conversations we have in our daily life; that centre around sexual orientation and gender identity. It aims to remind people that the issues we reflect on Wear it Purple Day should not only be considered on that If we are to empower young people to be proud of who they are, and who they might become, we need to encourage and support them each day in the classroom or workplace. The importance of pronouns and gender affirmation, as well as the use of inclusive language, is a great place to start.

This Wear it Purple Day we encourage  community members and our allies to share their stories, to gently educate on LGBTQA+ issues, to start these conversations… And continue them 365 days of the year.

Want to know more about pronouns - check out this short guide. Still interested- have a look at at the Wear it Purple website.

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