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From the Teaching & Learning Center

We are excited to continue exploring our school values through focused and collaborative professional learning opportunities. With the pandemic, we know that travel restrictions will continue, limiting our ability to bring external consultants to Nairobi. This minor roadblock has been the catalyst for an internal re-design of our professional learning structures. During our Wednesday afternoon IMPACT sessions, teachers will have many differentiated options to choose from. The one major throughline is that all opportunities are directly linked to our ISK strategic focus areas and our shared values.

ISK’s Strategic Focus Areas:

  • We will continually focus on improving teaching and learning.
  • We will integrate a comprehensive approach to student well-being throughout the school.
  • We will define and fully implement our approach to inclusion.

ISK’s Shared Values: 

  • Trust
  • Community
  • Productive Struggle
  • Growth
  • Equity & Justice
  • Inclusion
  • Innovation

Initial Professional Learning Structures: As our teachers create engaging and connected learning opportunities for each other, they are determining the just right collaborative structure. As of now, we have the following options:

Teachers-Teaching-Teachers (T3): These are 60-75 minute workshop sessions.

Mastermind Groups: These are groups of teachers who meet for 3-4 sessions in a row to tackle a specific dilemma or question (Possible Focus Areas: Math Workshop, Humanities Alignment, IB Alignment, Team Calibration Around Student Work, etc.).

Unconference Facilitator: These are open conversations that start from a shared question or dilemma.

Asynchronous Workshop/Webinar: These sessions are pre-recorded and uploaded into our Sched platform.

Growing and Supporting Our ISK Culture of Learning: We will also be reimagining the way in which we engage our parent community in professional learning during the 2021-2022 school year. All of our topics will be directly connected to our strategic focus areas and shared values. We will also be using the above learning structures in order to mirror the learning that is happening on campus. We know that learning is a social process and experience. By differentiating our process and options, we hope that it leads to increased capacity, shared understanding, and a collaborative and caring ISK community.