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Interact Book Drive

Interact Book Drive

Reading is a way to explore the world. When we read books, we get to see life from the writer’s point of view and learn more about ourselves. The love for reading is something that we have to share with the younger generation. Here at ISK, we are privileged enough to have a world-class library with a plethora of books to explore. This aspect of our lives should not be taken for granted, because the fact of being deprived of books openly stares at us.

Many Kenyan children do not have access to books like we do; this problem largely remains inconspicuous, piled under other issues that affect the community. We at Interact Club have noticed this, and have taken it upon ourselves to try and ameliorate this situation in one particular community. To achieve this goal, we seek support from the broader ISK community to push for more children to get books. That is why we have planned a community book drive, through which ISK community members will have the opportunity to donate books for a school library in a low-income area in Nairobi. Our Book drive, which will be held from the 24th of October to the 30th of October, will be community-centered. To give an incentive for members to donate books, we are offering sweets and treats for donated books. We also are raffling gift bags to participants in the book drive. We are inviting all students and community members to donate books (early readers through young adults). Please donate age- appropriate books in good condition only. 


Grade 11