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Introducing ISK’s New Educational Aims

Introducing ISK’s New Educational Aims

One of our Strategic Focus Areas (SFAs) is to improve teaching and learning. Last spring, the Leadership, and Board agreed to review and refresh ISK’s Definition of Learning and the Educational Aims during this school year.

During IMPACT (Wednesdays from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.), teachers have been participating in feedback sessions to help guide the rethinking of these important foundational statements. In January, the Board approved the changes and now the real work begins.

Active Learner Roles
Over the next few months, teachers will be collaborating to consider what it looks like when students are exemplifying these Active Learner Roles in the classroom. I invite you to consider what it looks like when your child(ren) are being Self-Managers, Thinkers, Collaborators, Change-makers, and Communicators at home. How might you use the language of the Active Learner Roles in conversations at home?
Definition of Learning
Subject-area department teams will align the Definition of Learning with their Philosophy and Belief statements and consider which research-based approaches are effective for improving student learning. We have already unpacked our definition to include what we can look for as we plan learning experiences.

The TLC team is grateful for the support of ISK’s community and we will continue our work to improve teaching and learning for all students and faculty.

Director of Teaching and Learning
Virginia Prairie, EdD