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ISK STEM Emerges Top at ISSEA Championships 2023!

ISK STEM Emerges Top at ISSEA Championships 2023!

ISK emerged as the overall winner of the 2023 ISSEA STEM Competition, themed "Unearthing Deep Knowledge". ISK secured first place in mathematics, second place in robotics, and first place in design, while also clinching third place in science. As the defending champions (for the sixth year in a row!), the pressure was on us, but our students exhibited exceptional problem-solving skills, creativity, and knowledge to ensure that the gold came back to Kenya.

The competition encompassed various events in Math, Science, Robotics, and Design. In the mathematics segment, ISK students excelled in all three events, with senior Kurt receiving an honorable mention for securing the top spot in the individual round.

The Science competition comprised a genetics challenge, where our students demonstrated their understanding of genetic concepts, inheritance patterns, and vocabulary. They also participated in a science team quiz, where they showcased their broad scientific knowledge and collaborative problem-solving skills. Additionally, the salvage challenge required our students to demonstrate their engineering prowess and collaboration skills in solving a complex practical problem of salvaging a sunken ship from the bottom of the HIS Swimming Pool without touching the water. ISK secured third place in the salvage challenge, fourth place in the genetics challenge, and third place in the team event.

The robotics component of the competition followed the traditional Botball board format, where teams from different schools designed, built, and programmed autonomous robots to complete tasks and earn points within a limited time. ISK won the seeding round and secured second place to ICS in the final of the double elimination round.

Furthermore, a new addition to this year's competition was the graphic design component, in which ISK emerged as the first-place winner thanks to a creative DESMOS illustration crafted by Elia and Chloe, and an impressive 3D animation by Benjamin.

Throughout the competition, our ISK team exhibited exceptional problem-solving skills and unwavering determination. They worked diligently, even late into the evenings, re-designing and re-programming robots in their hotel room, and preparing for the math and science events. Their success at the event would not have been possible without the dedication and effort invested throughout the entire season. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the students for their hard work this semester. We hope they had an enjoyable and enlightening experience, not just in STEM, but also in discovering themselves as young scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate defending our championship title in Lusaka, Zambia next year.


Maciej Sudra, Anthony Brown, Gareth Kucinkas, & Lilian Okanda