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Round Square International Conference - September 20-23

Round Square International Conference - September 20-23

Another group of students took part in an international virtual Round Square conference that brought together 1,400 delegates from over 30 countries to talk about issues such as climate action, identity, etc. Three of our students were selected to be baraza leaders. Here is a reflection from one of them.

This international conference is undoubtedly one of my greatest experiences at ISK. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and discuss various topics. Despite being virtual, with the ‘gathered town’ created, we could chat and meet new people from all over the world. We got to make friends for life and learn about various cultures. Everyone got engaged in discussions, and we got the chance to hear different perspectives from influencers such as the keynote speakers. We discussed global topics such as brave conversations, identity, climate action, and ethical leadership. Along this journey, not many challenges were faced, everything was organized and easy to manage, and that is thanks to the Round aSquare team. My greatest takeaway is hearing from influential speakers from all over the world, as well as making new friends and having fun along the way. If I ever get this chance again, I would, without a doubt, do it again. I would definitely recommend this experience to others, as it is an experience you do not want to miss. 


Grade 11

Environmental Pillar Leader