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STEM: Celebrating Student Work!

ISK's STEM Pathways is an independent study course designed to provide self-motivated students with opportunities to design experiential, personalized and integrated learning. 


  • Identify and engineer ways to solve problems of global significance;
  • Combine Science, Technology, Engineering, mathematics, and Art;
  • Collaborate with a mentor, other students, local people, and global experts;
  • Persevere through the messiness of the creative process from inception to completion of design cycle; 
  • Share out the learning, demonstrating the standards that are met and the people or environments that have been affect through the project.

A few of this year's projects we are celebrating are:

Sea Turtle Nest Protection Barrier by Siana in Grade 10

I wanted to focus on utilizing STEM to create solutions to challenges impacting Sea Turtles on the coast of Kenya

Compostable (and Edible) Hard Plastic Alternatives by Arissa in Grade 11

I decided to experiment with creating biodegradable hard plastic using an open source bioplastic compressor built at the school.


Recycled Plastic Fishing Lure by Aidan in Grade 11

I was trying to design an affordable and successful fishing lure using waste plastic, thereby helping local fishermen and cleaning up the environment at the same time.