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Our Governance

Leading with Integrity

Effective schools require effective governance, and a stellar school with academic integrity needs an exemplary Board of Directors. ISK strives to model exemplary governance through its structure, its Code of Conduct for Board members, its governance policies, and its recruitment of dedicated volunteers to serve the school on one of its two Boards.

The Board of Directors achieves this aim by:

  • Providing multiple forms of orientation to new members
  • Applying governance policies that ensure a strategic focus for the Board of Directors
  • Having Board members annually commit to a Code of Conduct and sign a “Conflict of Interest” Declaration
  • Aligning the Board of Directors' evaluation criteria with the standards of governance expected by both of the school’s accrediting agencies

Through these structures and strategies, ISK’s Board of Directors provides fiduciary oversight to the school and sustains a vision for its future.


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