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Health & Safety


ISK is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our students. ISK has qualified health professionals on site to handle the health issues affecting your child throughout the school year. If anything happens to them, our professionals will be there in a flash to offer assistance.

Prioritizing our community’s safety- In the era of COVID-19

Our main focus is to keep our students and staff safe and healthy. We constantly review and update our processes and practices at school relating to cleaning and hand washing, as guided by our Pandemic Response Protocol.

As part of our ongoing student support, our administration and faculty have developed online learning plans to support student learning throughout extended absence from school when applicable, including those in self-quarantine, and during campus closure. We remain confident the measures, plans, and protocols that we have in place are ready for implementation if needed.


Securing our students and community is one of ISK’s top priorities. We spare no effort to keep your children safe and accounted for. We also constantly update our safety procedures to keep ISK as safe as possible.

ISK employs a vigilant full-time guard force that monitors the campus 24/7. From the outer gate to the tennis court, the security team monitors every area of the campus to ensure everyone is safe and secure at all times. We also have limited entry and exit points, and our security team monitors all incoming and outgoing foot and vehicle traffic.

When visitors come, they check in with the Security Office, and wear a visitor’s badge the whole time they are in the campus.

“Fire” and “Duck & Cover” drills are held quarterly to ensure all students and staff are prepared in case of an emergency.

As needed, we are also in direct communication with local law enforcement through the Diplomatic Police Unit, our sponsoring agencies, and other diplomatic mission security services. In all circumstances, the safety of our students is the highest priority.

In alignment with the goal of keeping our community safe, ID Badges are a requirement for all adults on the campus. Please visit the Security Office if you have questions regarding this security procedure.

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