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At ISK, we place a priority on safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of our students. We work diligently to ensure that everyone is safeguarded from harm and protected from all forms of bullying, abuse, discrimination or harassment. In addition to grounding our approach on international best practices, consistent with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, our board policy on child protection (section 3.8) guides our professional practices for the safety and security of students.

The International School of Kenya is committed to child protection and the safeguarding and wellbeing of ISK students. ISK maintains an ethos of transparency to ensure students feel safe and secure. ISK expects all stakeholders to share this commitment and responsibility to protect children. ISK shall have a proactive plan for training all stakeholders and making the ISK community aware of various aspects of child protection. In response to suspected harm or abuse, the school shall take all reasonable, responsible and legal steps to protect the child and act as his/her advocate. ISK’s procedures for protecting and ensuring the safety of children shall be documented and followed consistently as per the safeguarding and child protection handbook. This policy is linked with ISK’s anti-bullying, online safety, and health and safety guidelines. ISK safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures also apply to after school programs and off-campus school activities.

Reviewed February 2021


Implications of safeguarding are prioritized in school-wide systems and procedures, including recruitment and hiring, community training and education, risk assessment of school-sponsored activities and trips, and a process of continual review and revision of our safeguarding program. Beyond our policies, procedures, and systems, we are committed to a child-centered approach focused on the best interests of the child. We are further committed to ensuring that each child understands human rights, and has at least one trusted adult at school whom they can turn to for support and advice.

To this end we:

Establish and maintain a community where students feel secure and are encouraged to talk and are always listened to.

Ensure that all students know there is an adult in the school whom they can approach if they are worried or in difficulty.

Equip our students with the skills they need to stay safe from harm and to know to whom they should turn for help. This is done across the curriculum and through our guidance and advisory programs.

To contact our Child Protection Officer, please email Dr. Ginny Prairie: